Sys Admin Commands Series

Having graduated from college for Software Development in 2020, I’ve found myself in a full time position as a Cloud Operations Analyst. This position has brought forth tremendous amounts of challenge and learning since this wasn’t part of my training despite having some background training in operating systems in general and linux commands.

Here are a list of technologies that I encounter on a daily basis:

  • Kubernetes
    • Rancher Kubernetes
    • Kube2IAM
    • Helm
    • Kustomize
  • Amazon Web Services
    • AWS CLI
    • Boto3 SDK
    • AWS JavaScript SDK
  • HashiCorps Terraform
  • Terragrunt
  • HasiCorps Vault
  • GitLab
    • Repositories
    • CI-CD pipeline
  • Black Duck
  • Twistlock/Prisma
  • Linux Commands in general

At first blush, a sys admin’s job looked simple. Provisioning infrastructure is as easy as 1, 2, oh wait, I have to deal with the long list above?

That’s right. Not only that, software development teams within the company expect you to be an expert in all of these areas including all of AWS services; This means if they run into issues, they expect you to help troubleshoot their applications on top of that.

Even after a year of working with these tools, I feel I’m only scratching the surface.

With my new mission of becoming a better system administrator with a software development background, you will see in the next series of posts related with lessons learned as I tackle daily tasks as well as new skills I’m developing to rapidly fill the knowledge gaps that I have.

I feel the right path forward is to focus on the basics. One way of doing this is by getting more familiar with Linux and Unix like operating system commands. Luckily I use a Mac at home and at work so there are plenty of opportunities for me to practice.

This series will be split into 10 parts. Each part will describe a single Linux/Unix command that I’m learning for the week. In the next post, you will find the very first command.

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