IP Command

The IP command is based on iproute2, a collection of utilities for controlling and monitoring networking in the Linux Kernel. It is an open-source project that is closely tied to networking components in the Linux Kernel.

The utility under IP Command is “address”. This is a good starting point to learn troubleshooting network interfaces for general network issues.

This command replaces the outgoing ifconfig command that is common across Linux distributions.


This tool does not come prepacked with macOS. To get iproute2 package on the Mac, use Homebrew to install the package.

brew install iproute2mac


  • ip a show
  • ip a show <networking interface>

The subcommand “a” is short for “address” which is used to display information regarding networking interface.


  • ip show en0

Example Output

	ether 19:ef:ab:dc:2a:39
	inet6 fc10::120:a132:1ab:3f17/64 secured scopeid 0x5
	inet brd en0

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