How to remove Dell U2711 Ultrasharp monitor stand


Around 6 years ago, I bought my very first professional grade monitor. It had the best in class colour accuracy for 2012, an IPS panel; Something quite new at the time. It was revolutionary. The cost, was also revolutionary at a whooping $800 during a sale with the MSRP at over $1000. The monitor came in the box with the stand already attached to the monitor.

6 years later, I’ve decided its time to put it on a monitor arm that allows more adjustable settings for better ergonomics. I went online to search for the long forgotten manual via Google and was shocked to find that there were no instructions on how to remove the stand from the monitor! If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably in the same situation.

I gave Dell a call to see if their technicians would know. The first thing the technician said after telling him about my problem was “Ok sir, this is a five year old monitor. Let me go on Google to see if I could find the manual and find out how to do this.” I thought, perhaps the Dell technician has special magical powers in Googling that I didn’t know about. So I waited about 5 minutes for him to find information. He comes back and says “Sir, the manual does not seem to provide information for how to remove the stand from the monitor. Let me see if I can find from our database information for how to remove the stand from this monitor. Let me check our database.” I thought, “Cool, perhaps there maybe some secrets hidden in Dell’s very own database that will save the day”. Another 5 minutes go by and the technician returns, “Sir, I’m so sorry, but it seems that our database does not have information on this either”. Like any concerned consumer, I followed up with “Ok, so what are my next steps? What can I do about this?” He says “Well, you can try to ask a friend who has done this before how to do this.” Steam was pouring out of both sides of my ears at this point. If I had a friend that knew how to do this, would I be calling Dell technical support in the first place?! I told him as calm as I possibly can “Well, I don’t have such a friend”. His response was “Well sir, in this case, you can continue to try on your own because there’s nothing much we can do on our end.” I decided that hassling him would do us no good. So I thanked him and went on my way.

I followed the fellow’s advice and after some trial in error, I figured it out myself. I hope that this guide will be useful to you.

This experience above has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I had hoped that a big company like Dell would have systems in place to handle situations like this. Perhaps an escalation of the issue from the representative to an actual engineer who may know how to solve this problem or giving proper training to employees about the general designs of the monitors and common questions that may come up.

What I did not include in the transcript was the fact that the representative admitted that I was on the line with the technical hardware team. Yet, the irony of all of this was that the “technical hardware team” did not have the answers to the company’s very own products, instead, relying on Google to find its own product’s manuals; It reflects that the management team is not providing its people with the tools and training to succeed.

This leaves a lot more to be desired. I sincerely hope that this company would work on a strategy to turn this around.

Items you need

* T20 Panhead screw driver

Steps to remove the stand

1. Prepare a soft smooth surface for the monitor’s screen to rest upon.
2. Place the monitor flat on the smooth surface prepared in step 1 with the screen facing the surface.
3. Take the T20 screw driver and remove the four panhead screws that is attaching the stand to the monitor.

That’s it! Pictures are included in the appendix section below to make things more clear. I hope this has helped make your day better.


T20 Panhead Screw driver:

4 Panhead screws holding the monitor stand

Panhead screw front shot

The monitor stand should be facing down during removal as shown below:

Top two mounting holes on the monitor stand highlighted by red circles. There are two additional holes at the bottom that is hidden from view:

One thought on “How to remove Dell U2711 Ultrasharp monitor stand

  1. Thanks for your post. I have a Dell U2711 that I’m going to move to a new residence and I didn’t want to put in my box which I still have do to space limitations in my car.


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