On Github today, I’ve stumbled across an interesting project called Vue. Vue According to its author, is “a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web”. The purpose of Vue is to make JavaScript code more approachable, versatile, maintainable, performant, and testable.

Vue is approachable because its only requires developers to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (the three most commonly used markup and/or programming language for the web).

It is versatile because server side framework web apps, Vue JS library can be added on top of  specific pages to allow client side processing as a library. Vue when added with other libraries can be scaled to render single-page applications.

One performant advantage of Vue for front-end rendering is that it contains a virtual DOM, which takes snapshots of the current state of the app and compares that to modifications that are made. This means only the changes discovered by Vue will be rendered to the view for the user, eliminating the need to update contents on the webpage that have not changed. This drastically increases the performance of the web application.

Vue uses popular JavaScript unit testing library called Jasmine, which allow tests to be written to ensure code maintainability and robustness for production use.

According to its Github page , the project began in 2013 by Evan You. There are currently 100 contributors. Looking at the contribution graph, this project has been very active throughout 2017. Currently there are 84 issues created for this project. You can learn more about Vue from its official website.

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